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Online terms and conditions don't work for users. They are long, difficult to understand, and expose users to privacy, legal, and financial risks. After conducting 100+ interviews, we discovered that users only care about financial risk, and our MVP is designed to do just that. LUX is a Google Chrome Extension that notifies users of automatic subscription fees and refund policies when users encounter a website's terms & conditions agreement.

How it works

This MVP utilizes a question-and-answer NLP model that utilizes BURT vectors. LUX works on Macs & Windows computers as long as you have Chrome.

Websites you can currently use LUX for: Tinder, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Yahoo, Wiki, Twitter, Paypal, and Walmart. Want us to add a website for you? Please fill out the form below. 

Demo Video Coming Soon

Future of LUX

Our long-term goal for this product is to use crowd-sourcing to build a reliable NLP model for legal jargon (which does not exist yet) and educate consumers. Future iterations also include updates to hitting more websites, implementing crowd-sourcing, fine-tuning the model, and providing more areas of concern.

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