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Trade & Wear

Trade & Wear

The ultimate e-commerce platform for socially conscious fashion lovers to find clothes without the hassle of going to thrift shops or grappling with the environmental and monetary costs of fast fashion. 

How it works

Join customized communities based on style, location, size, brand, body shape, and much more. Find preloved items that are guaranteed to fit through the use of our comprehensive clothing review system. The only cost is shipping!


If you are interested in trading, email us at, and we will invite you to one of our virtual trading sessions: #Drinks and Clothes With Friends!

Ahmed & Joyce is proud to partner with Alena Madar

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 8.15.14 PM.png

Alena Madar


By day, I’m a Data Associate a New Profit, a nonprofit venture philanthropy firm. By night, I'm an aspiring social entrepreneur who seeks to give power and resources back to the people of affected communities. I contribute to the idea generation, customer research, product building, and project management of Trade & Wear. 

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